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Enhance the patient experience and transform your practice with new interactive, educational tools from HOYA

Enhance the patient experience 

Transform your practice with new interactive, educational tools from HOYA.


As your ally, we understand how time-consuming marketing your practice can be. Eye care professionals (ECPs) must stay ahead of the curve to grow their practice, attract new patients, and better serve their existing ones. With many options available, finding the right marketing tools to help you stand out from the competition can be overwhelming. 


HOYA's suite of marketing tools will help simplify how ECPs promote their practice, exhibit their value, and engage with their patients.


Video​ loops

Inspire your patients to ask for more information with HOYA's product video loops. 


HOYA video loop features:


  • 11 premium product clips​
  • Use the loop as is or build your own
  • DIY instructions​


Displaying dynamic product videos in your waiting area or consultation rooms creates an engaging, informative environment for your patients while reinforcing your practice's commitment to offering the latest eyewear solutions.

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HOYA's professionally designed promotional posters are an eye-catching and effective way to showcase innovative products within your practice.


HOYA poster features:


  • Highlight premium product​s
  • Accessibility for vendors
  • Sized for large-scale printing​
  • Available with or without HOYA Logo​


Enhance your brand image, improve patient awareness of new products, and boost sales with the latest collection of HOYA posters. Posters can help to take advantage of otherwise dead space, such as windows and doors. Often times practices need window coverings to block the sun and posters are a great way to do make that happen.

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HOYA's infographics offer ECPs an attractive and easy-to-understand way to convey complex information about eye health, eyewear products, and services.

Infographics provide several key benefits:


  • Enhancing patient education
  • Streamlining communication
  • Add to the overall aesthetics of your practice
  • Increasing patient satisfaction and practice growth


Use these infographics to improve your marketing strategy, enhance patient education, and increase patient education and practice growth.

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Social calendars


HOYA's pre-written social media calendars supplement ECPs marketing efforts and engage your audience. These calendars are designed to provide a comprehensive plan for creating and sharing content on your social media platforms and email marketing while focusing on other aspects of your practice.

Key benefits of utilizing HOYA's social media calendars include:


  • Posting on social media consistently
  • Increasing audience engagement
  • Maintaining a strong online presence
  • Spending more time with your patients


By incorporating these calendars into your social media marketing efforts, you can consistently share relevant, engaging content that strengthens your brand and drives practice growth. The email suggestions can help you have a more direct call to action.

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Are you ready to enhance the patient experience?


Just as you look to provide the best care and experience for your patients, we care for you and your needs as an eye care professional. We have brought it all together in one place. 


The latest marketing tools will help strengthen your practice's brand image and credibility and save valuable time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional eye care to your patients.

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