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How to Continue Your ECP Education

We never stop learning and we can’t – there’s too much to do and see. Education is how we grow, whether that evokes ideas of a sterile classroom or an adventure, we are always learning in everything we do.


Continuing your education as an eye care professional is vital to staying up on the latest products, trends, and innovations to provide the best vision care for your patients. Not to mention, a certain number of hours are required each year.


Finding continuing education resources can sometimes feel like an uphill climb both ways in the snow. We at Hoya pride ourselves in the continuing education resources we’ve created to make your life easier as an ECP, and enable you to better care for your patients.


Your Education Resources

You can grow your practice and educate your staff on current technology with resources we’ve put together for practices like yours. It’s one of the many ways we want to be your ally and collaborate with you.


Empower U

Empower U is an online learning platform built around providing Opticians all the resources they need. The “First 90 Days” is a set of modules designed to get new employees up and running as quickly as possible. More advanced modules teach about Hoya lens and product technology, as well as free ABO continuing education courses.


No matter your experience or expertise level you will find course work that fits your needs. Empower U is offered to all Hoya customers at no charge.


Live ABO Education

An extensive line up of live delivery ABO continuing education topics is available to you. Our portfolio of live courses focuses on technical presentations with most falling into the Technical Level II category. Our focus is always on the latest brand differentiating technology and our courses follow suit.


ABO/NCLE Certified Continuing Education Courses

Here are some of our featured continuing education courses. Some you can sign up for today, others may require a fee to take the course.


Sensity Dark & Shine — Expanding Opportunity in the Photochromic Market

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


Learn how new light reactive, a.k.a. Photochromic, lens technology is expanding their appeal to younger generations.


Designing a Better Visual Experience for the Progressive Lens Wearer

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


This course addresses the importance of continuous advancements in progressive lens design technologies and how new technology, like Binocular Harmonization Technology, is improving comfort for presbyopes.


What We Know — And Don’t Know — About Blue Light

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


In this course, we address the concerns around high-energy visible (HEV) blue light and digital device use.


Three Prescriptions

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


This course teaches how to convert needs to wants so that patients understand the importance of a passion, complementary, and primary pair of eyewear.


New Media Optics — Introducing iD Space, iD Screen, and iD Zoom Lenses

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


This product spotlight covers three new options of progressive lens technology and how you can incorporate them into your practice.


Sync III – Our Eyes Weren’t Made for Screens

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


This product spotlight features the new Sync II lenses that provide accommodative support that can alleviate tired eyes suffering from digital eye strain.


Phoenix – A Unique Lens Material for Highest Impact Resistance and Durability with Uncompromised Optical Performance

1 hr. ABO Technical Level II


This course provides information about Phoenix, a proprietary Trivex lens material offered by HOYA Vision Care. Phoenix is specifically formulated to work harmoniously HOYA coatings resulting in a more durable product all while providing a superior visual experience for your patients.


Triple Defense for Healthy Eyes – Coppertone Polarized HEV / UV Sun Lenses

1 hr ABO Technical Level II


This course covers the benefits of Coppertone polarized lenses. Coppertone polarized lenses offer all the benefits of standard polarized lenses such as glare, UV and impact protection as well as multiple colors to fit your patients’ lifestyle. However, Coppertone polarized lenses also offer the highest level of HEV protection while outdoors. Learn about this higher level of eye health protection in this course.

White Papers and Articles

Are you one of those people who enjoys the details of how things work? You can take a deeper dive into the technical aspects with our library of white paper topics that compliment both our ABO live education topics as well as many of our current promotions.


A sample of our white papers:



Continue Your Education

Your professional development benefits your patients and Hoya takes that seriously as part of our responsibility to you. Please take advantage of these educational opportunities as they will help us grow together and bring the best visual solutions to your patients.


Want to learn more about our continuing education resources?