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Use digital Single Vision lenses to differentiate your practice from the competition

Free form, or digital, lens surfacing is an advanced, state-of-the-art surfacing technology. It utilizes highly complex computer algorithms to control a diamond tip lathe that carves the prescription into the back surface of the lens. To learn more about the benefits of free form lenses, check out our blog Free Form Lenses Aren’t Just for Progressive Lenses Anymore.


The surfacing treatment allows for precise lens designs tailored to all types of visual demands. There are no predetermined lens blocks or special tools for polishing. Free form lenses can be refined to 1/100 of a diopter or ten times more than a conventional lens.


Your single vision patients want one simple thing — to see better than ever without discomfort or ugly frames. As an eye-care practice owner, you want to meet those expectations. The problem with most single vision lenses is that the technology used to create them is severely outdated. 


Why is it that Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs) commonly use finished and surfaced single vision lens technology almost 100 years old? It's time for eyeglass wearers and ECPS to begin benefitting from the superiority of lenses that fully utilize the tremendous computing power, lab processing capabilities, and base curve flexibility available in advanced free form single vision lenses. 


HOYA realized the advantages of single vision free form lenses over non-free form, influencing the decision to leave conventional lens designs in the past and focus on digital, free form lens design.


Single vision free form lenses offer eyeglass consumers an improved degree of sharpness and field of view that surpasses conventional finished and traditionally surfaced lenses. Our highly-advanced free form SV designs deliver clear and comfortable vision. 


To learn more about free form vs. conventional lenses, read our blog on the topic.

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Now is the time to upgrade


ECPs have stood behind free form technology in progressive lenses, and we think it's time to start doing the same in single vision glasses.


Traditional single vision lenses correct the central vision very effectively. Unfortunately, single vision lenses do not meet patients' demanding needs for overall quality of sight. 


According to a Focused Insight Survey performed by The Vision Council, 62% of adults say a salesperson influenced their most recent prescription glasses.


More commercial vision-care operations are adopting free form single vision lenses, and private-owned practices are losing their competitive edge. As a private ECP, you not only have the opportunity to carry a premium product that can significantly improve your patients' vision but there is also data backing up that they are looking for your recommendation on the best eyewear for their lifestyle.


At HOYA, we're committed to strengthening your independence while allowing you to feel connected, supported, and confident in growing your practice your way. 

HOYA’s freeform single vision lenses


Accurately capturing position of wear (POW) measurements can be easily accomplished by taking one photo with a tool like Spectangle Pro. The process is quick and efficient and brings a new and impressive experience for the patient.


HOYA ensures you have the latest technology to differentiate your practice in your market and ensure your patients have the best products available to improve their vision. You should always have access to the best possible products to solve your patient's unique visual needs.



The MySV™ experience implements four powerful elements. For too long, single vision wearers have been underserved. The technology available to differentiate their experience is here.


Design Benefits

  • BKS Technology
  • Oblique angle compensation
  • Each patient’s position of wear
  • Wearer’s frame choice


Single Vision iQ™

Single Vision iQ™ combines a spherical front surface single vision lens with HOYA’s free form design. Provides custom back surfacing for enhanced optical performance.


Design benefits

  • Lens optimized for all prescription powers to enhance visual acuity
  • Noticeably reduced distortion, especially in peripheral viewing areas
  • Providing OC and monocular PD measurements yields exceptional results


iD Single Vision®

iD Single Vision® is a bi-aspheric single vision lens made possible through HOYA’s Integrated Dual Side free form technology that provides a thinner lens design with expanded viewing, especially in higher prescriptions.


Design benefits


  • Optimized visual acuity and a crisper image perception
  • Noticeably more relaxed vision thanks to precise and effortless focusing
  • More accurate correction
  • Providing OC and monocular PD measurements yields exceptional results

Why MySV is the preferred choice for your patients


MySV™  provides 360° of visual comfort for single vision patients.


We created our latest innovation, MySV™ lenses, for patients who:


  1. Want to have 360⁰ visual comfort in the real world without sacrificing clarity. 
  2. Struggle with the peripheral discomfort found in conventional lenses.
  3. Feel limited in their frame selection due to higher prescriptions. 


MySV - 360° Visual Comfort™ Fast Facts


  • Available in all materials, including Phoenix® and Clear Blue Filter® 
  • Available in the entire Sensity® Family 
  • Available with all HOYA anti-reflective treatments
  • Available in most managed vision care plans 


BKS Technology®


MySV™ lenses rely on HOYA’s Backside Surface Technology. This extremely sophisticated optimization process refines points across the entire back surface and allows the use of a thinner, flatter lens profile. The result of the BKS Technology is a complex “aspherization” of the initial lens design giving wearers the clearest optics possible in a lens that is flatter, thinner, and more attractive than conventional lenses. 


Oblique angle compensation


When looking through the lens at an oblique angle, the lens will create several aberrations, including incorrect cylinder correction and spherical power errors. At oblique positions, the standard lens starts to produce optical mistakes, resulting in the wearer experiencing a blurred image at the edges of the lens. The classic symptom is when straight objects appear curved. These aberrations must be corrected to achieve visual sharpness across the entire lens surface. This can be achieved by utilizing free-form surfacing and aspheric/atoric surface contouring based on the principles of Listing’s law.


Position of wear


The position of wear is the position of the fitted lens on the wearer’s face, including the pantoscopic tilt, face-form wrap, and vertex distance of the lens as it is worn. You can use tools such as HOYA’s Spectangle Pro®, an app-based solution used with an iPad, to take position of wear (POW) measurements with a single photo. This greatly enhances the acuity benefits and ensures the most accurate fit when ordering MySV™ with your patients’ unique wearing measurements.


Wearer’s frame choice 


MySV™ offers complete flexibility to the patient, allowing them to select the frame they love without compromising visual acuity or aesthetics. The most suitable base curve will be selected to match the frame choice, improving aesthetics and comfort. See the benefits of Wearer’s Frame Choice.


Ease of Adoption


MySV™ will provide noticeably more relaxed sight and effortless focus. MySV™ enhances visual sharpness at the center of the lens and at the peripheral views, widening your patients' peripheral channels.


MySV™ solves the necessary power adjustments, ensuring the adequate field of vision in the lens remains accurate and maintains sharp eyesight in every direction of the wearer's gaze. 


Your patients are looking for lenses with the technology that complements their daily visual demands. Offering your patients MySV™ is offering them an individual-focused single vision lens with the power of 360° Visual Comfort™. Comfort, confidence, and peripheral vision all in one lens.


Help your patients feel and see better with the power of 360° Visual Comfort™.

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