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Perfect pair: glasses that help kids see their best, look their coolest

Kids usually get the most basic lenses, even though their needs have evolve, especially with all the time they spend on digital devices. HOYA is excited to offer better lens options that help them do great in school, sports, activities, and life in general. Better lenses mean better results for our kids.


Picture this: sending kids back to school with a perfect pair of glasses with innovative lens technology. The right pair of glasses has the power to do more than just correct vision—it can boost a child's confidence in how they see and learn


Let’s explore how recommending the best lens technology can set your practice apart, increase patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, ensure that kids receive the exceptional eyewear they deserve.


How to build a perfect pair of glasses


As an eye care professional (ECP), you have the power to layer on the best lens tech for each young patient and their family.


At HOYA, we've got a toolbox full of options to ensure that every child gets a superior visual experience. Each option adds another dimension to your lens recommendation:


  1. Lens Design: The foundation of clear vision starts with the right lens design. Consider lenses that provide comprehensive visual comfort, ensuring clarity from every angle. 
  2. Lens Material: Durability and safety matter, especially for active kids. Opt for materials that offer superior impact resistance and visual clarity. 
  3. Light-Adaptive Lenses: For children who move between indoor and outdoor environments, light-adaptive lenses can provide quick transitions and constant UV protection. 
  4. Anti-Reflective Coatings: Coatings that resist scratches help make glasses easier to care for.




Each of these pieces helps your young patients return to school with confidence and clarity. In the sections that follow, we'll discuss the options that are typically prescribed to kids and suggest better alternatives for putting that perfect pair of glasses together.  


Lens design: the foundation of clear vision




What kids often get 


In the world of kids' eyewear, traditional single vision lenses are the go-to choice. Typically, these lenses are designed to sharpen vision only at the center, leaving the periphery somewhat neglected. This approach misses the mark in addressing the visual needs of active young patients who are constantly on the move. 


Perfect pair solution: MySV™


MySV™ offers 360° Visual Comfort™, giving your patients crystal clear vision when looking out of any part of the lens – center or edges. These lenses are all about comfort, clarity, and confidence. Got kids who are heavy digital screen users? Consider Sync III™ which reduces digital eye strain. 


Talking to your patients


When discussing lens options during an eye exam, you might say something along the lines of: 


"Based on your child’s activity level and prescription, the doctor recommends MySV™ lenses. Unlike traditional lenses that focus mainly on the center, MySV™ provides clear vision throughout the lens, offering enhanced comfort and clarity for all-day wear. It's a fantastic option for active kids who need reliable vision in all situations." 


Lens material: it’s all about durability




What kids often get


When it comes to lens materials for kids' eyewear, polycarbonate is often the default choice. While polycarbonate lenses are known for their durability, they may not meet your patients’ needs for optimal visual clarity and quality.


Sure, these lenses will withstand the occasional bump or fall. For active children, or those with higher prescriptions, you have better options to recommend.


Perfect pair solution: Phoenix® lens material


Phoenix® lenses offer the same durability as polycarbonate, but superior visual clarity in a lightweight material. Designed to offer superior impact resistance and exceptional visual acuity, Phoenix® lenses are the ideal choice for active kids who need reliable eyewear that can keep up with their adventures. 


With Phoenix® lenses, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children's eyes are protected without sacrificing visual quality. 


Talking to your patients  


When discussing lens materials during an eye exam, you might say:  


"Given your child’s active lifestyle, the doctor recommends Phoenix® lenses. These lenses are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle while providing clear vision. Unlike polycarbonate lenses – which most kids end up with, Phoenix® are way more durable and offer better visual clarity." 


Light-adaptive technology: for continuous protection




What kids often get


While parents often get the importance of sunscreen for their kids' safety, the significance of UV protection for eye health is frequently overlooked.


In fact, 80% of UV damage occurs to your eyes before the age of 18. Protecting young eyes is very important! 


Perfect pair solution: Sensity® photochromics 


Here's where you can offer Sensity®, a smart solution for continuous UV protection. These light-adaptive lenses quickly shift between indoor and outdoor environments, making sure children’s eyes are always protected.  


Sensity® lenses eliminate the need for multiple pairs of glasses, providing comfort, convenience, and comprehensive eye protection. 


Talking to your patients 


When discussing light-adaptive lenses during an eye exam, you might say something like:  


"Based on your child’s active lifestyle indoors and outdoors, the doctor recommends Sensity® lenses for your child. These lenses adapt to changing light conditions, offering constant UV protection so your kids don't need a separate pair of sunglasses. They're a fantastic option for kids, especially those with light sensitivity or myopia, ensuring clear and comfortable vision all day long. Plus, they come in four cool colors for your child to choose from!" 


Advanced coatings: for easy cleaning




What kids often get 


Many children’s glasses lack protective coatings, resulting in lenses that scratch easily and get dirty quickly. This can lead to frequent cleaning and frustration for both kids and parents. 


Perfect pair solution: Meiryo™ scratch-resistant coating 


Suggest Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™, an advanced coating designed to keep lenses cleaner and more resistant to scratches. This coating keeps children's lenses clear and durable, providing a hassle-free and time-saving experience. 


Talking to your patients 


Try bringing lens coatings into the conversation like this:  


"One thing our doctor likes to recommend to patients, including kids is our Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™ coating. It helps keep the lenses scratch-free and easy to clean, which means less hassle and clearer vision for your child. They also eliminate glare, so you get better selfies and family photos in all light conditions." 


We’re here whenever you need support


By recommending the best in lens design, materials, light-adaptive features, and coatings, you can send your young patients back to school with the perfect pair of glasses, improving their vision and overall well-being.


At HOYA, we’re here to support you in providing top-quality eyewear solutions. If you need more information, brochures, or any other support, please reach out to us. And remember to check out our HOYA Hub for free marketing materials to grow your practice. Let’s work together to make this back-to-school season the best one yet for your practice and your patients.