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Video: Optimizing Lens Performance for Your Practice and Patients

Transformation is leading the optical industry from the lab to the exam lane. HOYA’s technical team leads, Warren Modlin and Michael Gatti recently took the stage at Vision Expo West where they presented “Optimizing Lens Performance” to ECPs and vision industry leaders at the recent show.


The team will take you through why customer transformation, speed of product adoption, and market focus matters for eye care patients in their everyday life. But more importantly, they explain how HOYA is optimizing the performance of lenses with the position of wear product Innovation for vision beyond 20/20 to help define the future of vision care. This all leads to HOYA's new lens called MySV™ that utilizes backside free form technology to compensate the prescription in all meridians – providing 360˚ Visual Comfort™ and bringing confidence to the wearer in all situations. While most lenses can provide visual clarity, MySV provides additional visual comfort for today’s visual demands.


The patient benefits of the new MySV lens:


  • Patients who want to have 360° Visual Comfort™ everywhere they look. 
  • Patients with higher prescriptions that struggle with peripheral distortions in old conventional lenses. 
  • Patients who feel limited in their frame selection due to lens thickness.