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What the Heck is Spectangle PRO?

Your patients are familiar with the measuring process: you retrieve a PD ruler and a Sharpie and dot their glasses to get the measurements you need. We get it. You’ve been using this method for years, and it works. News Flash! In the eyes of your patients, it is outmoded, outdated, old-fashioned. Patients wonder to themselves about how large your dusty VHS and 8-track collection must be. Are they humming “Slow Ride” by Foghat?

When you use an old-fashioned measuring method, patients assume they are getting low-tech old-fashioned lenses. If that is what you offer, then keep on dotting! If you provide the latest technology in lenses, then you just ruined them. Worse than well-done filet mignon with ketchup.


Today’s patients equate technology with quality.


Spectangle PRO is a new digital tool that:

  • Quickly captures accurate eyewear measurements.

  • Provides demos of premium lens designs, materials, and coatings.

  • Helps you position your practice as the premium solution for eye care.


Utilize technology to give your patients a modern, streamlined experience.



Stop Dotting with Spectangle PRO

Are you asking, “What the heck is Spectangle PRO” yet? Spectangle PRO is an app-based solution you use with your iPad and an EY-Stick to take position of wear (POW) measurements with a single photo.


In short, the days of needing a ruler are truly behind us, unless of course you still have kids in elementary school.


Spectangle PRO includes four distinct modules: measurement, lens demos, frame selection, and augmented reality. Here’s a summary of each:


The measurement module works in tandem with the EY-Stick to capture advanced optical measurements using one front-facing image. Both tools in tandem take measurements of how frames sit on patient’s faces, as well as taking natural posture into account.


The lens selection module compares different premium lens features and coatings such as progressive lenses or tints. A bank of images show examples of lenses in action allowing for a much more natural conversation around the choices your patients have.


The frame selection module makes it easy for patients to easily compare different frames and pick the one they prefer. Images can be easily pulled and sent directly to the patient in case they need time to think before making a decision.


The augmented reality module allows patients to take certain lens features for a test ride around your office or pre-built environments. Taking the lens selection process one step further and wowing them along the way.


Spectangle PRO seamlessly becomes part of the eyewear selection process for any practice. Every patient experiences your high-tech brand and receives detailed measurements quickly. Implementing one simple tool, Spectangle PRO, will “beam” your practice into the 21st century.



Bringing Technology to the Eyewear Selection Process

Your patients are expecting a modern experience in your practice. The big chains are influencing the expectations of consumers through national advertising campaigns. The line in the sand they have drawn is technology! They are creating the perception that high-tech is available at big chains and low-tech is available… well, at your practice. You need to keep up and be perceived as a modern brand. Even if you have the absolute best lenses it won’t matter if you are still pulling out ye olde ruler and pen.


Learn how to create your practice’s technological brand.



Take Time to Implement

Spectangle PRO is an amazing tool and is easy to learn. Put in the practice time necessary for it to become second-nature. Practice on every single patient! Kids, contact lens patients, it doesn’t matter. They don’t know if they need the measurements or not. You know they need to experience technology at your practice. Have a little downtime? Encourage the staff to dedicate the time to practice on each other. You’ll see the returns quickly.

Read more about how you can efficiently integrate a tool that will help grow your practice.



Add Value to Customers’ Experiences

As an independent practice, you have the advantage when it comes to creating value for your customers. It’s important to show, and not just tell. Apple doesn’t just put a new phone out every year; they show the world every minute new feature and every reason you should get their valuable new phone. If you can show your value with up-to-date technology in the fitting process, and then follow it up with top of the line lenses, your patients will know they are getting the best value from your practice. In a day and age where overhead costs can be high and patients have so many options, you can position yourself as the expert that always has the best solution. If you don’t, your customers will turn to your competitors who deliver an experience based on technology.



Spectangle PRO Helps Grow Practices

New tools that create a more fluid and unique patient experience and can help grow your practice by drawing in more people and generating word-of-mouth for you. And hey, it’s just fun to use and will be fun for patients too!

The outstanding products and excellence in service

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