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What You Can Accomplish With Hoya as Your Ally

Working together, we can accomplish almost anything, and we bring our complementary strengths together to provide better care and improve patients’ lives. You bring the expertise and educate your patients on what solution is best for their vision and lifestyle. We stay committed to being your ally and provide the innovative technology to help you blow your patients away. 


Only by bringing our skills together can we form a harmonious partnership that elevates results for us both. 


Providing Better Solutions to More Patients

It might seem like a given, but your success isn’t just the availability of premium products, it’s that patients walk out the door with better solutions. Together we provide better vision solutions that improve quality of life for your patients. This will look different to almost every patient. It might be:



Great Technology for Great Practices

Many patients associate the best technologies with their independent eye care providers, though this isn’t always the case for a variety of reasons. Barriers like adoption, cost, and education may leave technological tools or even new lenses perpetually on your practice’s to-do list without ever being adopted or implemented.


To help you clear out your to-do list, we provide the education you can use in your practice on our new products and tools. We create the materials and training so your staff can truly buy-in to new technology and make your practice a technological one. 


Great technology means happier patients, and less time remaking or redoing lenses if the patient wasn’t satisfied. 


Getting Patients What They Want

You work with patients every day, balancing their vision needs with what they want. However, if what they want (or even need) doesn’t exist, then there’s nothing you can do. We focus on creating solutions patients want. 


For example, The Vision Council found that patients really want two features ahead of anything else: scratch resistance and light and thin lenses. We created the EX3 AR Treatment as the most scratch-resistant solution on the market, and amazingly light and thin lenses with our Phoenix material, allowing you to give your patients the lens they need with features they want. 


Removing the Barriers

We talked a little bit about removing barriers with technology, and you might think this is all well and good but providing products is what a vendor is supposed to do. You are right, and as your ally, we want to do more. That’s why it’s our focus to reduce the barrier between our solutions and your success. 


We take this very seriously, and it shows. We start with a three-phased onboarding process that is a seamless experience for your practice, allowing you to jump right in using Hoya lenses. 


From there, we’ve created a variety of solutions to allow you to spend more time focusing on growing your practice and working with patients. 


Empower U – Our learning platform available to all of our customers. Here you can find courses on our newest products and technologies so you can learn them quickly. Not only that, but we have a course titled “The First 90 Days” that you can use with new staff to get them up to speed on the optical world quickly. 


Continuing Education – We partner with a variety of publications to create continuing education courses that meet your education requirements and prepare you for new products. For the summer of 2019, we ran two courses: one on polarized lenses and Coppertone, and the other on photochromics and our Sensity line


Let’s Start Accomplishing Together

We judge our success by the success of our partner practices. For us, it’s about letting you focus on what drew you into optometry in the first place: vision care and helping patients. The more time you spend with patients, the more successful you can be in growing your practice, and the more successful we can be creating innovative new lens designs that bend light better than ever before. 


We don’t just stop at the products. We are committed to being your ally. Our solutions focus solely on you, the eye care provider.