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Why Light Reactive Lenses?

Have you ever considered a pair of light reactive lenses? They might be a perfect fit for you. 


Light reactive lenses change in the light, keeping your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful UV and HEV (High energy visible light, otherwise known as blue light) light when outdoors and clarity indoors where you don’t need protection. They help keep your eyes safe no matter where you end up. 


So What Are Light Reactive Lenses Anyway?

Light reactive lenses, such as our Sensity line, react to UV light and either darken or clear up depending on where you are. If you aren’t familiar, you may have also heard light reactive lenses called photochromic lenses. 


Heat impacts how quickly the change from clear to dark or dark to clear occurs; this is because the molecules that change are always present. When warm, the lenses can react more quickly. When cool, the molecules move more slowly and change a little slower. It’s the same principle as water turning to ice as it gets cold, the molecules slow down. 


Our Sensity line of lenses uses Stabilight Technology to help mitigate the differences from your environment and ensure consistent performance in all climates, seasons, and conditions. Fitting your lifestyle, no matter where it takes you, including if your in-laws live in Alaska, and your parents in Florida. 


When to Consider Light Reactive Lenses

Light reactive lenses are a versatile pair of glasses that fit the role of a primary pair and sunglasses at once. They certainly aren’t just for dads. You consider light reactive lenses if:


  • You find yourself frequently moving between indoors and outdoors for work or your hobbies.
  • You have trouble remembering to wear your sunglasses or to keep them with you.
  • You are just tired of swapping glasses. 


The main downside to light-reactive lenses is that they won’t reach the same clarity as a primary pair of single vision or progressive lenses. However, this shouldn’t dissuade you from making the change. Your optometrist may have demo light-reactive lenses so you can compare before making a decision.


Compliance and Eye Safety

Sunglasses are an important part of protecting your eyes throughout your life. They offer protection from harmful UV and HEV light that damage to our eyes the more they are exposed. 


Too much exposure has been shown to cause damage both inside and outside of our eyes. It’s not just about the eye itself, but also the surrounding skin, both of which can become sunburned. 


Wearing sunglasses is one of the best and easiest things you can do to keep your eyes safe and healthy, yet compliance and making them a part of your daily habit can be difficult. Light reactive lenses are easy to remember because you are already wearing them! 


Kids and Compliance

The age of one pair of glasses is gone, now multiple pairs specialize for different needs to provide the best support for our eyes. As you might already know, compliance with wearing the right pair of glasses at the right time is difficult with kids of all ages.


Sunglasses are especially important for protecting children’s eyes because almost 80% of all UV damage to our eyes happens before we turn 18. This is because our eyes are the clearest when we are young, and over time they let less harmful light in naturally. If you are considering a pair of prescription sunglasses for your children, light reactive lenses mean they only have one pair to keep track of when enjoying their summer vacation running inside and outside. 


Finding the Right Pair for You

So now that you are considering light reactive lenses, but you might be wondering which ones are right for you. In general, there are several features to consider. There are several branded solutions in photochromics, each with different features and benefits so there’s a solution for everyone.


Speed of Change – Different lenses will change at different speeds. You might not need lenses to go from clear to dark quickly, or it might be very important for your job. 


Driving – Light reactive lenses react to UV light, yet windshields block most UV light meaning not every kind works while driving. If it’s important they change behind the wheel a product like Sensity Dark is a good fit for you.


Style – Glasses are always a personal statement of style and fashion. Sunglasses have become an iconic part of our culture, even when worn at night. If you are focused on style, then Sensity Shine is a good fit for you.


Work with Your Optometrist and Optician

Before deciding, make sure to consult your eye doctor. They will be able to talk to you about your individual vision needs and your preferences to help you make an informed decision that’s best for you. 


Looking for an eye doctor? We can help.