Why We Take the Responsibility of Our Partnerships Seriously

Everyone says they care about their customers and prospects. It kind of falls flat now, doesn’t it?


That’s why we can’t just tell you we care. We couldn’t be successful without you, the ECP. We depend on your experience to ensure our technology is explained to patients. It’s your expertise that allows them to understand their vision care and the benefits they’ll receive from different lenses, treatments, and features. 


It’s only together we can be our most successful, where apart, neither of us will achieve at the same level of excellence. With any true partnership comes responsibility. If you bring the expertise and experience, what is our responsibility?


We Know Our Products Reflect on Your Practice

You are the face of each pair of lenses we create. Patients associate you with the quality of the product and their satisfaction with their new glasses. If anything is wrong, that reflects on you first before anyone else. 


That’s a responsibility we take seriously. The first step we take is we never think of your patients as a “job” or number. Every one of our jobs is labeled with each patient’s name. Every lens is crafted individually for them. We put care into every lens that makes it through our labs because they are changing the way your patients see their world, and sometimes even changing their life. 


How else do we take our responsibility seriously?

We have created a library of educational resources to make it as easy as possible for you to learn new products and technology since they are released so quickly. You should be focused on your patients, not spending unnecessary time figuring out a new product. 


Our onboarding process is also of the utmost importance to us. We work directly with each of our customers throughout the whole process. Switching vendors should never be a barrier to success, and we stand by that


Our customer service team members aren’t just here to help you. Each rep knows our products in-and-out and is here to work through every order if you need support. They can help with anything from the simplest single vision orders to the most complicated and customized lenses for specific patient needs. 


There are so many more ways we support you, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. For more resources, head to our resource center if you have not already.

What Makes Our Partnership Different?

You have multiple vendors to choose from for lenses, and you might be asking, what makes working with us different? The biggest difference for us is that you are our customer and not your patient. Yes, we create their lenses, and we will always do our best to make sure they get the best solution. They are your patient first. 


For us, your experience and expertise are invaluable to creating the best care. We believe in our products and know they are the best on the market, but even then, without you, the patients wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of them. 


We don’t commoditize your skills, we compliment them. Other vendors are focused on the patient as their customer, using your practice as their avenue into their wallets and inboxes. At the end of the day, in life and work, you deserve partnerships that value who you are. 


What Our Customers Have Said About Our Partnership

We pride ourselves in the partnership we create and the results it produces. Here’s what just a few of our customers have had to say about working together:


Just wanted to reach out and send a kudos. I have had more compliments on your customer service department in St. Louis than any of the other labs and just visited with [peers] and [they] indicated [they’ve] done business with a lot of other labs over the years, and you guys are by far the best!


I wave to give you accolades on the immediate attention and assistance you gave to me on resolving the special order Polarized Trifocal order from Dallas lab. You turned a nightmare into a sunny day! Thanks again to you and your staff at Hoya.


A big shout out of thanks and appreciation for your lab’s excellent service and support processing the challenging orders we have been sending your way. You Guys are Grrrreat!!


Ally of the ECP

We value our partnerships with ECPs like you. It is our goal to take every opportunity we can to be the best partner we can be. We enable you with the tools, resources, support, and lenses so you can become the best eye doctor and practice you can. 


That’s why we feel very confident when we say we are THE ally of the ECP. Are you looking for an ally that values your partnership? Then let’s talk.