Hoya at a Glance

Image of map through eyeglass lens which is blurry in places

Dynamic People - At HOYA, we are driven by a passion for our employees and customers; innovation and development depend on it. HOYA Vision is always moving boundaries. By use of extensive research and cutting-edge technology, we provide tailored optimized experiences – both for the eye care professional and the spectacle wearer.

Team-Oriented Environment - HOYA stresses a spirit of teamwork and collaboration to capitalize on the individual strengths of our employees. We believe the collective product is greater than the sum of the individual effort.

Opportunity for Advancement - HOYA links employee engagement efforts to high performance. It starts at the top. By focusing on individualized engagement, we have created a motivational culture with feedback mechanisms that reinforce and reward the right behaviors. We aim to develop, deploy, promote, and retain the very best talent.

Competitive Salary and Benefits - We understand the importance of salary and benefits to you and your family and have a long-standing commitment to offering employees a competitive total compensation package. We know that our success depends on our employees, and that commitment is not changing. 

Casual Work Environment - We promote a casual work environment and invite employees to leave their customary business attire at home and wear business casual attire to all our locations.