How can you explain eyeglass lens treatments to your customers?

How many of your customers turn down lens treatments because they do not see the benefits? How many think it is an unnecessary expense? Modern lens treatments do make a difference. Here are a few tips on how you can better explain them to your customers.

In many cases, the customer objections might be based on experiences from older types of anti-reflective coatings. We know of two main problems with these. First, the techniques used to adhere the coating to the hard coating of the lens were not the best which led to peeling. Secondly, the older type of coating quality often attracted dirt and water. In the worst cases this led to scratches on the lens.


Present lens treatment technology has addressed all the flaws with the earlier types of coatings.

One could say that the earlier types of coating application technologies were closer to the concept of painting the coating on top of the lens. Since the coating material properties did not match those of the lens material, one could end up with the lens and coating expanding and contracting differently. This leads to cracks and peeling. Nowadays, modern glass-silicone lens treatments match the material properties of lenses. The materials, the application technique and the latest technological innovations, have led to newer generations of treatments.


The new treatments are anti-reflective, anti-static, more scratch resistant than before and are water, oil and dirt repellant.


Thereby, if you have customers in doubt about lens treatments, here are some points advice you could share:

  • Modern lens treatments are not the same as the older anti-reflective coatings
  • Lens treatments allow appropriate light through the lens leading to better eyesight, comfort and aesthetics
  • Lens treatments make the lenses more water, oil, and dirt repellant
  • Treatments help reduce scratches on lenses
  • Lens treatments help make lenses easier to clean.


You should not only discuss anti-reflective coatings but instead refer to the complete assortment of lens treatments which cover the points listed above. In all, lens treatments help your customers by making the lenses be more durable. It is an investment well worth the extra cost.

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