How do spectacle wearers want to be treated in a digital world?

Are your customers buying specwear online instead of visiting you? Do they use your shop for browsing products but take their business elsewhere? It is frustrating, right? Well, let’s have a look at what you offer that keeps you important and tips on what you can do…


Let’s be clear on one thing. You cannot beat the internet. Online shopping is a part of our daily lives and it will be so even more in the future. But, maybe there are weaknesses with online shopping or, even still, strengths with your offering that can be exploited even further? 


In order to understand what can be done we have to step into the customer shoes and look at ourselves from their perspective. A few triggers for why they would seek help in your store could be:


  • Eye sight problems
    This one seems obvious but what about those who do not realize they have vision problems? 
  • Fashion
    Maybe their frames are outdated and do not match their latest style?
  • Life style
    They might have a new hobby that requires an eye check and new frames.
  • Age
    This is pretty obvious but how many older, or elderly people actually get their sight checked regularly?
  • Eye frame repairs
    Sometimes accidents happen.



Can all of the above be solved online? No, not really. Even if there are smart apps that can help you to check your eyesight it is not the same as seeking help from a trained professional, whom a customer is more likely trust. This implies that at least one of your marketing goals should be about building trust with each customer that enters your shop.


Here are a few more ideas for you:


  • Make your customers feel good about visiting you.
    Great them by name if they are recurrent customers. Throw in that extra cleaning cloth. Serve them a cup of coffee when they are waiting for service. This effort goes a long way. 
  • Make your customers feel smart. 
    Educate your customer. The more they understand, the more likely they would want to talk to a trained professional.
  • Have your customers come back regularly.
    Offer them a yearly eye check program. It is like going to your dentist regularly or getting your car serviced. "Get your eyes checked," -- a program like this could even improve traffic safety. How many elderly still drive with reduced eyesight? Maybe you can help correct their vision?
  • Help your customers be proactive
    Introduce simple tests that customers can do themselves while waiting for their service. Some customers might even prefer to start with this when they enter your shop. A few computers with tests and apps where you can try different frames. Make use of what is available on the internet today.
  • Use your website to tease
    Unless you are selling online, your website has only one purpose and that is to get customers to visit you. Do you have clear call-to-actions? Book a meeting, call us now, visit us at… These are all clear actions.



So, what are the weaknesses of internet shopping and the strengths of your store? Well, the internet cannot create the same positive feeling about vision and eyewear as you can. Remember, physical reality is better than virtual reality. 

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