How opticians can create eyeglass customer retention plans

It is easier to increase revenue from existing customers than to get the same revenue streams from new ones. This is an old truth but still valid. So, what do you do to take care of existing customers? Here are a few tips for you.

It is very simple. The purpose with a retention plan is to make sure your customers stay with you and visit you on a regular basis. The assumption is that they will increase the spend in eye care if they feel cared for.


The foundation of a successful retention plan is education. By educating your customer you show that you care. You will also become the authority to whom they turn whenever they have questions about anything that concerns eye care. Education also means communication between you and your customer. The communication builds relationship, loyalty and trust. Your customer will be less likely to take their business elsewhere.


Here are a few suggestions on educational topics for you:


  • How does the eye work?
  • Signs of eye and vision problems
  • Common eye conditions
  • What is glaucoma
  • How is an eye exam done
  • Good nutrition for healthy eyes
  • Modern lens treatment
  • Kids and glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • How to clean your glasses


Hence, the components of a retention plan are education and communication between appointments. Of course, you can use a recall program where you schedule the coming eye check at each appointment. But it is still a good idea to use the time in between for educational communication. This strengthens your relationship and soon enough this will be expected from your customer.


So, what are the benefits with a recall program? To mention a few:


  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Building trust and loyalty
  • Efficient use of your time (you can fill the gaps in your calendar)
  • Less churn (customers not leaving you, not even for internet)
  • Improved reputation in the market place
  • Increased customer pull (they need you)


Your customers will appreciate a retention program, especially since it increases their knowledge about a very important part of their life, that is, their eyesight. They will feel cared for in this vital area and that will be worth every single penny spent.

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