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GT 7000 Frame Tracer

High accuracy, greater productivity

With the new HOYA GT 7000 Tracer, you can be confident that your frames are traced with high accuracy, saving time and cost. Connected to HOYA´s latest cut and edge technology, you will be able to provide consistent, high-quality eye-wear in a reliable lead time to your customers. 

Product Features:

  • Automatic 3D binocular tracing
  • Fully integrated into the HOYA HELP system and connected to the HOYA order system and your practice management systems
  • Good balance between soft contact and precise measuring, ensuring the frame doesn’t bend under pressure
  • Variable stylus that adapts to the curvature of the frame, providing precise measurement
  • One-touch demo lens holder with a magnet mechanism
  • Built-in storage for safe-keeping additional accessories

Bring accuracy to the forefront of your practice

The Tracer:

Reduces workload

Provides your patients with their eyewear in shorter lead times

Increases quality, resulting in greater productivity

Optimizes your production process

Invest in efficiency

Choosing the Tracer GT 7000 helps to optimize the operating costs of your business, enabling a boost to the productivity and profitability of your practice

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