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The future of eyewear is here. Yuniku is the first 3D tailored eyewear customized around your facial features, offering ultimate vision and comfort. Your face is unique, with its own shape, features and emotions. Express yourself. Define your style. Choose Yuniku.

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Why Yuniku?

Yuniku is the japanese word for “Unique”. It carries the meaning of dynamism, intimism.

It is the world’s first vision-centric 3D eyewear made just for you. Combining 3D scanner technology with advanced algorithms, Yuniku eyewear is designed entirely around your face and your vision.


How 3D printed eyewear works

It all begins by assessing your visual needs and facial features. The optician will scan your face, allowing advanced software to calculate the ideal position of the lenses in relation to your eyes. This not only ensures the best frame fit for exceptional comfort but also the best style for your face. 

The next step is for you to choose a model from the existing collection. By providing information about your lifestyle, whether your usual schedule involves working in front of a computer screen or training as a professional athlete, the lenses and frame will be tailored to your personal needs.

Once you see yourself on the screen wearing the custom-designed model, the spectacles are ready to be 3D printed. The lenses are precision cut and the frame is directly printed around them. The result is an incredible visual experience and a personalized fit.

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Produced by technology, assembled by craft

Yuniku Collection

The Yuniku range features an exclusive selection of frame designs, colors and finishes. These are complemented by a selection of premium progressive, single vision or indoor lens solutions.

Ørgreen + Yuniku

Ørgreen, the famous Danish eyewear company, combines the essence of Yuniku, “to see and wear perfectly”, to the mantra “looking well”.

18 MODELS AND 10 COLORS for both man and woman

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Enjoy the subtle and stylish elegance of the Yuniku collection signed by Hoet, including 15 models available in 11 colours. Such fashionable design is a result of combining technique, material, and form all into one.

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Navy cabrio frames


Looking for something bold and stylish? 3D printed in the Yuniku platform, the Belgian Cabrio by HOET collection adds playful details with an ergonomic design to your unique look.

13 MODELS AND 10 COLORS for both man and woman

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Navy cabrio frames


The UNITi collection elevates Yuniku products to the next level, in line with the latest eyewear consumer needs. An exclusive collection that unites 3D tailored eyewear with titanium temples.

14 MODELS AND 8 COLORS for both man and woman

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The German designer Thomas Meyer offers clean, ultra-light and contemporary shapes.      

True to the motto "Form Follows Face", every piece of MEYER eyewear is a special highlight for its wearer.

6 MODELS AND 6 COLORS for both man and woman

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The benefits of 3D-printing technology

Perfect fit

Designing glasses based on your distinct facial features opens the door to an entirely new optical experience. The frame is designed to accurately fit your face, sitting comfortably on your nose and positioned within an optimal distance from your cheeks and eyelashes. Resulting in no more sliding, pinching or rubbing.


Flexible material

Yuniku frames are made of polyamide 12, a material that has the ideal properties for producing premium spectacles. It's stronger than acetate, lighter than titanium and more flexible than TR90, a material commonly used in other frames.

Frozen eyeglass frames

Reducing waste

Laser sintering technology makes it possible to reduce waste during the manufacturing process. Because 3D printers only use the amount of material required for frame production, resources are utilized most efficiently. Since every Yuniku product is made to measure, there is no risk of overproduction.

Moving the industry from frame-centric to vision-centric.

Since the first spectacles over 700 years ago there has been a problem. Regular spectacles can be customized only to a certain degree. When lenses and frames are designed separately, there are limited options regarding which frame will fit which lens. Leaving visual precision to depend on the opticians' supply

Using revolutionary 3D technology, Yuniku is designed entirely around your visual needs. Once the lenses have been optimally positioned in relation to your eyes, the frame is then built around them using 3D printing. By integrating custom-fit lenses and frames, you can experience the ultimate in optical precision – without compromising on style or fit.

Machine holding Hoya Vision lens

Produced by technology

Yuniku is a successful collaboration between Hoya Vision Care and Materialise, the leading business in 3D printing. Combining optical expertise with over 25 years of experience in 3D software solutions, Yuniku is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the vision care industry.

Machine holding Hoya Vision lens

Assembled by craft

After the frames are 3D printed, they undergo a sophisticated post-production process in order to refine the surface. The colors and finishes are designed to suit your lifestyle, appearance and individual needs.

Hoya Vision company offices with the european flag outside

We care about your eyes

Hoya Vision Care manufactures spectacle lenses and optical products worldwide. Our motto ‘We care about your eyes’ is translated into top quality lenses, advanced lens designs and excellent service to both spectacle wearers and opticians alike.

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