HOYA Vision Care Launches a New Low Reflective Spectacale Lens Coating for Ultimate Clarity: Hi-Vision Meiryo

Bringing true clarity to decades of coating innovation


Bangkok, Thailand– 18th October 2023 – With the introduction of a single-layer coating for mineral lenses in 1963, has now been 60 years since HOYA introduced its first anti-reflection coating to the market. Featuring advanced technology for the time, the lenses began a whole new era of innovation, marking the first step for HOYA to achieve its leading position in the coating category. Now, with the launch of Hi-Vision Meiryo, the most advanced coating yet HOYA is celebrating 60 years of coating evolution.


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Hi-Vision Meiryo, the newest addition to HOYA’s coating portfolio, offers the most balanced bundle of protective lens features, delivering exceptional clarity that lasts longer, reflecting the company’s continuous leadership and reputation in the coating category. One of the most durable coatings available today, Hi-Vision Meiryo boasts even lower reflective properties 1, up to 2.5x better scratch resistance compared to other coatings on the market 2, and easy-to-clean features that last up to 5x longer than competitors.3

Additionally, thanks to its water repellent properties, 100% UV protection on the front (plus extra protection from ultraviolet rays on the back)4, and a specialized anti-static layer preventing dust
accumulation, Hi-Vision Meiryo empowers spectacle wearers to see exceptionally clearly while withstanding various life situations.


“We are proud to celebrate our 60 year anniversary with the launch of Hi-Vision Meiryo and reinforce our promise of giving people the gift of clear vision” – says Alexandre Montague, CEO, HOYA Vision Care.


“The drive and passion to innovate, with our in-house production processes and one of the most rigorous testing protocols on the market, will ensure that HOYA maintains its position in spectacle lens coatings and looks at the future to continue to lead the way in coating evolution”.

Available with HOYA’s leading lens portfolio in the clear, tinted, polarized, and Sensity range lenses, Hi-Vision Meiryo is now available to order. Specific launch dates may differ by market.

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