Occupational            Lenses

Male in dark shirt wearing indoor lenses

Occupational lenses can be used alongside regular glasses for specific activities that demand extra visual attention

Perfect Vision at Work
If your wearer's visual tasks are based predominantly around near vision, standard progressive lenses will not be the best solution. Hoya’s occupational lenses are specifically designed to provide excellent vision for close-distance activities at work.

About Hoya's Occupational Lenses - Hoyalux WorkStyle
A staggering 70% of office workers complain of neck or back pain. Wearing the wrong glasses may result in unnatural head movements and straining to see the computer screen or pages of text.

Ordinary reading glasses do not offer sufficient width and depth of vision. Hoya’s occupational lenses are specifically designed to correct these limitations. 

Add on Hoya lens  treatments and coatings for better lens durability and better vision.

Hoyalux WorkStyle V+ Range Products

  • WorkStyle V+: Personalised indoor lens catering for different visual needs with wider near and intermediate visual fields compared to progressive lenses
  • WorkStyle V+ Space For indoor use, for distances up to 4 metres and above
  • WorkStyle V+ Screen For desk work, covering up to 2 metres
  • WorkStyle V+ Close For reading and near work, covering up to 1 metre
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