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We empower eye care professionals with innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of every patient.

Vision Products

As an eye care professional, you know that your patients vary from children to professional athletes and everything in between. To meet the unique needs of every patient, we empower eye care professionals with innovative lens solutions.

Myopia Control

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“Together, we can tackle myopia in children”

“Together, we can tackle myopia in children”

The number of children with myopia is on the rise. Thankfully, you can manage myopia progression with a simple, non-invasive solution. MiYOSMART lenses are designed to perform during all the activities children typically engage in. Provide your youngest patients with an effective visual solution that is safe, light and highly impact resistant.

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The visual harmony of clear vision at all distances

Hoyalux iD Myself

Our most premium personalised progressive lens.

Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile

Elevated visual experience in a digital world for your patients.

Hoyalux iD LifeStyle 4

Easy for patients to adapt to, easy for you to prescribe.

Hoyalux Balansis

Advanced technology for comfortable vision.

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"Clarity at any distance is essential"

Introduce your patients to the experience of visual harmony: clear vision at all distances. With our patented technologies in progressive lenses, different lifestyle or optical requirements can be met - in an instant.

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The satisfaction of crystal-clear eyesight and maximum comfort

Nulux iDentity V+

Free-Form Design Technology meets Single Vision


Your eyes are not made for screens. Sync III lenses are

Nulux EP

Double aspheric design, for the most natural vision in all directions


HOYA’s successful spherical design for low power prescriptions


Aspheric single vision lens suitable for low to high strength prescriptions.

Landscape image of female wearing glasses whilst on public transport

“Don’t compromise your comfort for visual performance”

Offer your patients the combined benefits of comfort and outstanding visual performance. HOYA single vision lenses can be personalised, as any prescription is uniquely cut into the lens. Correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism with pixel-perfect precision.

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Landscape image of female wearing glasses whilst on public transport
The right tools for the right vision
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Offer your patients the right lenses for what they do

More and more people spend the vast majority of their time on visual tasks at near or intermediate distances. Answer your patients’ needs, with occupational lenses specifically designed to provide them with clearer vision and more visual comfort. Help them complete detailed tasks at close proximity, effortlessly.

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Sense the difference in light-adaptive lenses
Sensity 2 Urban Gardener Full Tint image RGB

Faster fade. Everyday freedom.

No matter where the summer takes your patients, with Sensity light-adaptive lenses they are ready to enjoy a variety of settings. 

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Sensity 2 Urban Gardener Full Tint image RGB
Protecting eyes from sunup to sundown

HOYA Polarised

HOYA Polarised lenses protect eyes from blinding glare and provide the ultimate visual experience.

HOYA SunStyle Tints

HOYA SunStyle Tinted lenses can be applied to most HOYA lenses to create prescription sunglasses.

HOYA Mirror & Light Mirror

To reflect your style and add a radiant, edgy look to your sunglasses.


“Visionary care for fashion and function”

Offer the active outdoor wearer an abundance of options, without compromising fashion for function. UV protection, glare reduction and contrast rich vision are always included; but with fashionable tints, mirror treatments, polarised and photochromic lenses, there are still plenty of options to explore.

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Meet the most specific needs with individually tailored lenses 

Sports Lenses

Sportive lenses for next level performance.


Driving lenses that bring comfort and confidence.

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"Going beyond the ordinary to meet your patient’s specific needs”

With HOYA’s special lenses, you can provide the highest level of care for all your patients, whatever their individual needs might be. Our special lenses can be individually tailored and allow you to offer a solution for the full spectrum of visual requirements: from lenses for driving to lenses for athletes.

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Correct. Protect. Preserve

About Safety Eyewear

Phoenix 1.53 lenses

Safety Frames

HOYA Safety - Frequently asked questions

HOYA Fully Certified Safety Eyewear

HOYA’s Safety Eyewear range offers a complete product including frames and lenses. The range offers low and medium impact safety frames and lenses under the 1337.6 ANZ standard. Our extensive frame range has been independently tested to suit all work environments. Introducing HOYA Safety Eyewear into your optical practice is an opportunity to build your business.

Material & Coatings


Select the ideal lens material for your patients with HOYA's wide range of lens materials including high-index plastic which is inherently thin and lightweight, providing optical clarity and an outstanding level of comfort. 

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Provide your patients award-winning anti-reflective coatings for performance and protection. It guarantees clear, relaxed vision while prolonging the life and look of the lenses.

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Outstanding products and excellence in service

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