MyStyle V+

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100% personalised. 100% state-of-the-art

MyStyle V+ is Hoya Vision's individualised dual surface progressive lens and is the world’s first progressive lens to balance different prescriptions for each eye. With our unique Binocular Harmonization Technology™, the prescription for each eye is considered as an individual design component. The technology calculates the optimal binocular lens design ensuring the correction is appropriate at each point of the lens, precisely according to the needs of each eye.

This is our most advanced lens. A premium product created through the extensive use of innovative cutting-edge technology. During the consultation, not only the prescription but also the patients' lifestyle and vision preferences are taken into consideration. Then, for calculating the optimal lenses for the vision profile, several advanced tools and techniques are put at your disposal.

MyStyle V+ offer unprecedented individualised design and state-of-the-art precision.

The glasses wearer will benefit from

A 100% personalised lens that is easy to adapt to

Perfect and effortless focusing

Excellent depth of vision

Natural, stable, crystal-clear vision

A tailor-made solution for the specific visual needs of the customer

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We have offered lenses from nearly every manufacturer before, but we have had unprecedented customer satisfaction with Hoya Vision, and the support is fantastic!

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Male Hoya Vision optician working in an optician practice

Creating the perfect customer experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work comfortable and effective, and provide an outstanding customer experience

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Process optimization

Optimizing processes is maximizing profitability. We provide the tools for improving your work-flow and processes.
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Shop experience

Hoya Vision’s range of excellent tools for an effective and pleasant customer experience.
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