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The driving lens that takes you places

See Better, Go Further, 

Drivers play a huge part in road safety hence it is essential they can react quickly. Poor weather and light coditions may compromise vision which affects reaction time.

Designed to meet the visual demands of drivers, EnRoute lenses are equipped with technologies which cut glare by reducing light scatter and improving contrast as well as brightness perception. 

EnRoute is recommended for:

  • Wearers looking for high clarity and optical accuracy in all gaze directions while driving
  • Good clarity and less reflection on the road
  • Less eye fatigue by glare reduction

EnRoute is available in: 

  • EnRoute standard: Reduces glare and offers wearers a comfortable vision while driving even in challenging weather/light conditions
  • EnRoute Pro: Enhanced colour contrast recommended for professional drivers

Standard Lens

Distorted image with distracting glare

EnRoute Single Vision

Improved visibility and reduced glare from car lights

EnRoute Single Vision Pro

Improved visiblity, reduced glare from car lights and enhanced colour contrast

Standard Progressive Lens

Large distortion zones at the sides of the lenses with glare from oncoming vehicles

EnRoute Progressive

Wide, clear visual fields with a significant reduction of reduction and glare

EnRoute Progressive Pro

Wide visual field and improved vision with less glare while considering your position of wear

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

High clarity and optical accuracy while driving

Good clarity and less reflection

Best match based on visual requirements from available lens design for selection