Individualized Dual Surface Progressive

100% personalized – 100% you

Do you experience problems focusing at a range of distances but find that traditional progressive lenses cause unpleasant swim and sway? Then the award-winning Hoya Vision Individualized Dual Surface Progressive lens is right for you. Produced with the latest technology, this is Hoya Vision’s most advanced premium progressive lens yet. Experience an unprecedented level of individualization and clear, stable vision, every time and everywhere.

Your prescription is only the beginning. Our comprehensive design consultation also takes into account different visual aspects of your life, like how often you read from a smart phone, or drive at night, or take a trail run in the park. Subjective data points like these are factored into your lens design, as well as your precise fitting preferences, to create the most personalized progressive lenses on earth.

You will benefit from

Unrivalled optical clarity

Perfect and effortless focusing

Excellent depth of vision

Natural, stable vision