Freeform Lenses Aren’t Just for Progressive Lenses Anymore

Free form lens surfacing is a modern, state-of-the-art surfacing technology. It utilizes highly complex computer algorithms referencing thousands of data points to control a diamond tip lathe that carves the prescription into the back surface of the lens.


This process allows precise lens designs to be tailored to various visual demands. There are no predetermined lens blocks or special tools for polishing. Free form lenses can be refined to 1/100 of a diopter or 10 times more than a conventional lens.


Free form lens surfacing has changed the way we see – so much so that HOYA has decided to leave conventional lens designs in the past and focus on progressive, free form lens design.


MySV™ provides 360° of visual comfort for single vision patients

As mentioned above, HOYA uses free form lenses with almost all progressive prescriptions. Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs) stand behind free form technology in progressive lenses, and we think it's time to start doing the same in single vision glasses.

Traditional single vision lenses correct the central vision very effectively. Unfortunately, single vision lenses do not meet patients' demanding needs for overall quality of sight.


We created our latest innovation, MySV™ lenses, for patients who:

  • Want to have 360⁰ visual comfort in the real world without sacrificing clarity.
  • Struggle with the peripheral distortions seen in conventional lenses.
  • Feel limited in their frame selection due to higher prescriptions.


MySV™ - 360° Visual Comfort™ Fast Facts

  • Available in all materials, including Phoenix®​
  • Available in the entire Sensity® Family
  • Available with all HOYA anti-reflective treatments
  • HOYA has driven single vision lens design innovation with a passion for finding solutions that deliver precise vision results.


BKS Precision Technology®

MySV™ lenses rely on HOYA's Backside Surface Precision Technology –– an extremely sophisticated optimization process that refines points across the entire back surface and allows the use of a thinner, flatter lens profile.


This technology enables prescriptions to be placed into the lens with far more accuracy and compensates for many of the distortions you would typically get around the edge of the lens. A MySV™ lens will have a much wider clear field of vision than just your standard single vision lens.


Oblique angle compensation

When looking through the lens at an oblique angle, the lens will create several aberrations, including incorrect cylinder correction and spherical power errors. Any face-form or tilt will alter the patient's prescription, causing vision issues and eye fatigue. We correct the aberrations using free form surfacing and aspheric/atoric surface contouring.


Each patient's position of wear

MySV™ lens technology is significantly enhanced when taking measurements with precise tools such as Optikam, an app-based solution used with an iPad, to take Position of Wear (POW) measurements with a single photo.


Wearer's Frame Choice

Free form can be precision engineered for a specific patient when preparing lenses for frames and eliminate prescription level inconsistencies across the lens. MySV™ offers complete flexibility to the patient, allowing them to select the frame they love without compromising visual acuity or aesthetics. The most suitable base curve will be selected to match the frame choice, improving aesthetics and comfort.


Ease of Adoption

If your patients experience headaches or vision changes when switching from prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses, MySV™ will provide noticeably more relaxed sight and effortless focus. MySV™ enhances visual sharpness at the center of the lens and at the peripheral views, widening your patients' peripheral channels.


How MySV corrects Listings law

Listing's law states that the eye does not achieve all possible 3D orientations. All eye orientations can be reached by starting from one specific "primary" reference orientation and then rotating about an axis within the plane orthogonal to the primary orientation's gaze direction (line of sight / visual axis). This plane is called Listing's plane.


Eye rotation presents a challenge to the compatibility of the lens and eye and is problematic for your patients. Looking straight ahead provides a clear view for patients; however, the image becomes blurred when gazing to the side. Additionally, with larger frame styles, the view gets increasingly worse at the edges of the lens.


Traditional single vision lenses correct the central vision very effectively. Unfortunately, conventional single vision lenses do not meet patients' demanding needs for overall quality of sight.


MySV™ solves the necessary power adjustments, ensuring the adequate field of vision in the lens remains accurate and maintains sharp eyesight in every direction of the wearer's gaze.


Your patients deserve lenses that utilize today's lens technology for today's visual demands. Offering your patients MySV™ is offering them an individual-focused single vision lens with the power of 360° Visual Comfort™ –– which means confidence and peripheral vision without sacrificing aesthetics.


Help your patients feel and see fantastic with the power of 360° Visual Comfort™.

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