Show your patients a new take on clarity this season with Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™

In HOYA's latest white paper, Exploring key features that work together to create the ultimate coating, our team of experts reviewed the unique physical and performance characteristics of HOYA Vision Care’s new advanced AR surface treatment, Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™.


Let's talk about some of the real-world benefits that make this a superior AR coating – and how you can prescribe clarity with confidence this season.


Offering Meiryo as the key to clarity and patient loyalty

What is the best gift an ECP can give to their patients? Clear vision.


Let’s take that a step further and discuss what people want most out of AR treatments, specifically. As a result of our 2019 consumer survey facilitated through VisionWatch, we found out the most desirable benefits consumers wanted in an AR treatment:


  • What consumers want the most in AR treatments: being able to see more clearly, improved scratch resistance, and full UV protection.
  • The two main complaints of AR treatments: the lenses scratch too easily, and it was too hard to keep clean.


Because these were the primary concerns for consumers about AR treatments, we tested Meiryo’s performance on:


  • Visual clarity
  • Durability of cleanability
  • Scratch resistance to abrasion
  • Thermal resistance
  • Resistance to peeling


Being able to point to the evidence behind the treatment will instill trust in your patients.


What did testing look like for Meiryo EX4?

To test Meiryo, our team used the LongLife Index (LLI) – a measure of the performance and durability of anti-reflective lens treatments. This evaluation is made up of five tests that are more rigorous than common industry standards, to provide ECPs and patients with the HOYA quality guarantee for long-lasting anti-reflective treatments.


The LLI was developed and adopted by HOYA as a working standard. Passing the more rigorous tests provides ECPs and consumers with the confidence that a coating is of the highest quality and is able to endure extreme conditions and various lifestyles.


The 5 LLI tests:


  • Sandpit Test: Resistance to abrasion
  • Steel Wool Test: Resistance to harsh scratches
  • Oven Test: Heat resistance
  • Droplet Test: Ease to clean and liquid resistance
  • Extreme Weather Test: Resistance to weathering


After being put through the five LLI tests, Super HiVision Meiryo EX4 achieved the highest LLI score at 104, 45% higher than major competitor’s best coating.¹ These attributes work synergistically to establish Super HiVision Meiryo EX4 as the ultimate coating.


AR treatment benefits you can stand behind

Here are the test results that prove Meiryo is the superior AR treatment today.


  • Super HiVision Meiryo EX4’s low reflectance results in ultimate clarity, with 56% lower reflectance than major competitor’s best coating.²
  • Its extreme durability gives it up to 2.5 times better scratch resistance and up to 2 times better abrasion resistance than competitive coatings tested.³՚⁴
  • Super HiVision Meiryo EX4 maintains its ‘easy clean’ features up to 5X longer than all competitive coatings tested.⁵
  • Super HiVision Meiryo EX4 offers superior clarity that lasts longer.⁶
  • Super HiVision Meiryo EX4 provides 100% UV protection from the front and the back of the lens.⁷


Recap: Meiryo’s key features

Key tested features of Super HiVision Meiryo EX4:


  • Front and back UV protection
  • Extreme scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean (that lasts)
  • Superior clarity
  • Thermal resistance
  • Resistance to peeling


HOYA’s Super HiVision® MeiryoTM EX4TM AR treatment provides everything your patients expect and goes above and beyond any other coating on the market.


✔ Extreme durability

Up to 2.5x better scratch resistance than major competitors’ best coating³՚⁴


✔ Easy to clean

Stays easy to clean 10x longer than major competitors’ best coating⁵


✔ Superior clarity

56% lower reflectance than major competitors’ best coating⁶


H3 – Special AR coating, specially bonded to the lens

How the coating is applied matters.

At HOYA, we match the coating material to the lens material (otherwise known as Substrate-Matching), so they bond as if they’re one, creating a coating that’s much more durable than any others on the market.


3 other ways to strengthen patient loyalty this season

A few other ways you can drive patient loyalty this season is by:


  • Telling your patients about HOYA’s Eye-M-Growing (EMG) program.
    The EMG program for children up to 16 years old: to offer children a multi-pair lens solution at a reduced cost with an enhanced warranty.

  • Encouraging a holistic take on myopia management.
    Offer tips for early children’s eye exams, more outdoor time, and a myopia management solution based on evidence.

  • Reminding patients to use their end-of-year benefits.
    A new year is coming! Make sure they make the most of it by using their benefits before they’re gone, as well as thinking ahead about the future of their vision health.


This season, you can redefine lens clarity for your patients by offering Super HiVision® MeiryoTM EX4TM. Your local HOYA Territory Sales Manager can provide you with product availability, staff training, as well as access to sales aids and patient brochures.



¹ HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. Hi-Vision Meiryo demonstrated over 45% higher LongLife Index vs. major competitor’s best coating.
² HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. The reflection has been calculated based on the reflection values measured in the Luminous reflectance Rv evaluation
³ HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. Compared to several competitor coatings including major competitor’s best coatings. Passed 2.5kg SWSC test when most competitive lenses tested did not pass 1kg in the SWSC.

⁴ HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. Hi-Vision Meiryo performed over 2x better than several competitive coatings in the HB test. Hi-Vision Meiryo demonstrate best in class surface durability through both HB and SWSC tests

⁵ HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. Hi-Vision Meiryo maintains Hydrophobic performance up to 5X that of all competitive coatings tested.

⁶ HOYA data on file. Product assessment report – Hi-Vision Meiryo. 03/2023. Hi-Vision Meiryo lasts longer than all major competitors. 56% lower reflectance than major competitor’s best coating resulting in exceptional clarity. Hi-Vision Meiryo maintains Hydrophobic performance up to 5X that of closest competitors.

⁷ HOYA data on file. 1.50 UV approved claims. 09/22. Claim based on internal assessment according to ISO 8980-3:2022 and is applicable to HOYA branded plastic lenses except 1.50 standard lenses. The following HOYA lenses meet the strictest AS/NZS 1067.1:2016 standard for 100% protection: 1.50 UV, 1.53, 1.59 CBF, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74