3 programs and packages you can leverage right now to grow your eye care practice

As an ECP, you’re always looking for ways to improve the patient experience. You’re also running a business and should leverage any opportunity you can to promote it and drive growth. Below are some examples of ways you can offer value to your patients while incentivizing more sales for your business. 


  1. Lens and frame packages: The Perfect Combo + MiYOSMART®


ECPs can leverage lens and frame packages as a way to offer value and convenience with successful lens designs and popular frames made of high-quality materials.  


For example, we just recently packaged Europa frames (including their latest frame, DB4K React) with MiYOSMART® lenses in The Perfect Combo (TPC) so that ECPs can bring value to their practice and their patients cost-effectively. 


How the package works: 


At one convenient price, ECPs can now choose any Europa frame to go with MiYOSMART® lenses, including Clear, Photochromic, and Polarized. Just place your order on the Lenses By HOYA ordering platform 


Benefits of adding MiYOSMART® to the TPC package: 


  • You benefit from an affordable, convenient two-in-one frame and lens package 
  • Your patients benefit from an industry-leading lens that helps curb myopia in children  
  • Your practice benefits from this opportunity to compete against retailers 


About TPC’s DB4K React frames  


Europa’s DB4K React frames for kids can be packaged with MiYOSMART® lenses for effective myopia management.  


Benefits of DB4K React that your patients will appreciate: 


  • Made from strong yet flexible BPA-free and latex-free Pebax® Rnew® 
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable option parents can feel good about 
  • Hypoallergenic, bio-based material is extremely strong, flexible, and lightweight 
  • Can be heated for lens insertion and adjustments  
  • Easily adjustable temple  
  • Fused crinkle hinge engineered for durability  
  • Temples hug the head to keep glasses in place during play and sport  
  • Color-coordinated removable strap secures frames  
  • Carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks  
  • Replacement straps can be ordered 


  1. Eye-M-Growing (EMG) kids program 


Focusing on children’s vision health is critical for preventing future vision issues. We also know that you have more budget-conscious patients who are still dedicated to setting their children up for success.  


That’s why HOYA has the EMG program for children up to 16 years old: to offer children a multi-pair lens solution at a reduced cost with an enhanced warranty. 


The EMG program: 


  • Helps kids up to 16 years old get quality lenses for their eye health at a reduced cost 
  • Allows parents to save money while preventing myopia and other eye conditions for their children 
  • Gives ECPs another way to serve patients and become a trusted resource 
  • Stands up to competition with cost-conscious eye care – especially since the EMG program grows with the child as they get older 


What’s included in the Eye-M-Growing program? 


The EMG portfolio offers clear, photochromic, and polarized options for all of our lens designs, and we’ve added 1.60 index. Specifically, we’ve updated our MiYOSMART® portfolio to include the latest innovation for myopia management in children: MiYOSMART ChameleonTM  photochromic lenses and MiYOSMART Sunbird TM polarized lenses.  


  1. HOYA’s Visionary Insiders rewards program for ECPs


If you’re an ECP and haven’t heard of Visionary Insiders, it’s a redefined loyalty program for independent eye care providers.  


HOYA Vision Care designed the Visionary Insiders loyalty program in order to connect eye care professionals to a supportive community, offer them multiple avenues to grow their practice, and ensure they have the technology to set their practice apart. 


Some ways you can make the most of your Visionary Insiders membership: 


  • Unlock more benefits and move up tiers by earning points: ECPs can earn points for every eligible purchase of qualifying HOYA products. 
  • Move up faster with premium products: Once you enroll, the fastest way to earn points is by ordering any qualifying HOYA lens designs bundled with an anti-reflective coating like EX3®, Recharge ®, and EX3+ ®.  
  • Expand your expertise: Visionary Insiders helps expand your already extensive knowledge base, not just through information from HOYA but also by allowing you to connect and learn from other experts. 


Other tips for improving the patient experience to grow your practice 


  • Create a seamless, efficient patient journey starting from the first interaction  
  • Truly get to know your patients and their lifestyles so you can make the right lens and treatment recommendations  

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