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Summer vision with LifeStyle® 4 polarized lenses

Patients want consistent visual clarity across all lighting conditions, and eye care providers (ECPs) can fulfill this need by offering prescription sun lenses that match the performance of clear progressives.


With the evolution from iD Lifestyle® 3 to iD Lifestyle® 4, ECPs now deliver even greater clarity, comfort, and consistency in progressive lenses. Additionally, for iD LifeStyle®4, the lens blank sizes are larger, allowing patients to pair them with a wider range of frame sizes, including sunglasses. 


Understanding the lens technology behind iD LifeStyle® 4 

When it comes to sunwear, help your patients understand they have choices beyond the lens tint. With prescription sunglasses, they can combine advanced lens technology with sun protection.


HOYA’s iD Lifestyle® 4 lenses provide exceptional comfort and performance, building on the advanced features introduced in iD Lifestyle® 3. These include the foundational technologies of Binocular Harmonization Technology™, Binocular Eye Model™, and Integrated Double Surface™, all of which are now complemented by the addition of 3D Binocular Vision™.




3D Binocular Vision reduces unwanted prismatic effects in near-range peripheral vision, enhancing comfort and stability for wearers. Addressing peripheral deformation and minimizing distortions, iD Lifestyle® 4 sets a new standard for progressive lenses, ensuring clearer, more natural vision across various distances.


Your patients will enjoy experiencing the benefits of iD LifeStyle® 4 with their primary pair of glasses. Inform them that they have the option to enjoy that same technology with their sunglasses. 


LifeStyle® 4 Polarized: clear vision and sun protection

In addition to its standard offerings, Lifestyle® 4 is also available in polarized lenses, providing patients with even more options to meet their specific vision needs. With polarized LifeStyle® 4 lenses, your patients can enjoy visual continuity across eyewear.


Why recommend polarized lenses? 


  • Safer Driving: Polarized lenses help reduce blinding glare from reflective surfaces such as roads, water, and other vehicles, resulting in a safer driving experience. 
  • 100% UV Protection: Protection from harmful UV rays is important for maintaining eye health.  
  • Better Visibility Outdoors: Whether participating in sports or other outdoor activities, polarized lenses offer improved visibility by enhancing contrast and reducing glare. By combining the benefits of polarized lenses with the advanced technologies of iD Lifestyle® 4, patients can enjoy a superior visual experience tailored to their individual needs.


Offer a consistent experience for both clear and sunglasses

HOYA recently introduced larger blank sizes of up to 80mm for iD LifeStyle® 4 lenses. This expansion provides both ECPs and patients with valuable benefits.


Key Benefits for Your Practice:


  • Enhanced Frame Selection: The increased blank size offers greater flexibility when it comes to selecting frames, especially for sunglasses. ECPs can now accommodate a wider range of frame styles and sizes, ensuring that patients find the best match for their personal taste and lifestyle. 
  • Maximized UV Protection: More surface area coverage means increased UV protection for patients' eyes.  
  • Profit Opportunities: Leverage the expanded blank sizes of iD Lifestyle® 4 to prescribe higher-quality lenses, enhancing patient satisfaction and potentially boosting practice revenue. Offering both standard prescription and quality sunglass lenses ensures comprehensive eye protection while maximizing profit potential for your practice. 


By recommending polarized Lifestyle® 4 lenses, ECPs ensure visual continuity and stability for their patients across multiple pairs of glasses, ultimately enhancing the eyewear experience and satisfaction.


Sunwear talking points for ECPs

Starting discussions about sunwear in general is a great approach for ECPs to introduce the benefits of Lifestyle® 4 polarized lenses.


Here are some conversation starters to consider: 


  • Eye Health Education: Start by explaining the anatomy of the eye and how sun exposure can damage various structures, including the eyelids, skin around the eyes, and the cornea. Use visual aids to illustrate the importance of protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, which can lead to conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. 
  • Vision Insurance Coverage: It may be new information to patients that their managed vision care plan could help cover the costs of prescription sunglasses.  
  • Conversational Approach: Keep the discussion casual and informative to help patients feel comfortable and open about their concerns. Show genuine concern for their eye health and well-being, rather than being overly assertive. 
  • Value Proposition: Address common misconceptions about the cost of prescription sun lenses by highlighting insurance coverage, benefits optimization, and any special promotions your practice may be running. Emphasize that the investment in prescription sunglasses is worthwhile due to the added protection and improved care patients tend to take with them. 
  • Year-Round Protection: Remind patients that sunglasses offer benefits all year round. From UV protection and reduced glare to less eye strain and improved dark adaptation, prescription sun lenses enhance the outdoor experience regardless of the season. 


By incorporating these talking points and offering Lifestyle® 4 polarized lenses, you can ensure that your patients understand their eyewear options.  


Bringing summer into focus with iD LifeStyle® 4

Empower patients with the latest advancements in progressive lens technology, such as iD Lifestyle® 4 and polarized lenses, for optimal vision, enhanced eye protection, and satisfaction. By offering consistency and clarity from clear to sunglasses, ECPs can elevate the eyewear experience for their patients year-round. 


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