Sensity Shine

Stand out with extra style

Sensity Shine lenses give your customers an exclusive look thanks to a mirror coating that is more intense in the light yet subtle when indoors. Sensity Shine lenses also deliver extra darkness outdoors and when behind the car window. Because of its technical features, Sensity Shine embodies the evolution of the sun lens thanks to its light mirror coating and excellent light reactive, darkening technology.

Outstanding natural colours

The full Sensity family offers three natural colours that were developed by colour specialists to harmonise with sun lens trends, guaranteeing your customers a contemporary look. Sensity Shine has a matching light mirror coating in every colour that lets the wearer stand out in style.

Brown mirrored tinted lenses

Sensity Shine Brown Copper (light mirror copper)

Grey mirrored tinted lenses

Sensity Shine Grey Silver (light mirror silver)

Green mirror tinted lenses

Sensity Shine Green Blue (light mirror blue)

Your customers will benefit from

Extra darkness outdoors

Extra style and an exclusive look

100% protection against UV rays

Reduced glare