The best looking anti-reflective coating with enhanced durability and UV protection.

Hi-Vision SUN Pro


Help your patients look good and see better in the sun.

Anti-reflective coating delivers optimal, outdoor vision performance for tinted and polarized lenses.

Hi-Vision SUN Pro is a premium quality coating that’s designed to improve visual performance, durability, and aesthetics. The all-around protection is a great choice for patients who plan to have an active summer outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice style and aesthetics.



Meeting your patients’ needs.

Hi-Vision SUN Pro provides sunglasses with an appealing aesthetic appearance by eliminating unwanted colourful reflection. It will improve visual performance and improved contrast. Hi-Vision SUN Pro provides back-side and front-side UV protection across all lens materials and ensures the highest durability for tinted and polarized prescription lenses.


Hi-Vision SUN Pro technologies

Hi-Vision SUN Pro comes standard in combination with Diamond Finish, the hardest anti-reflection coating available on the market today with the following unique characteristics


Reflections cause irritation and eye fatigue. This coating takes away these reflections and provides relaxed vision.

Scratch resistant

Scratches are easily made. This ultra-hard coating reduces the chance of scratches to an absolute minimum.

Dirt repellent

Thanks to the super-smooth surface and easy-to-clean properties, grease or dirt are easily wiped off the lens - even after long term use and repeated wiping.


Prevents dust from adhering to the lens surface, helping to provide clear vision in all circumstances. 

Water repellent

Ensures water drops have minimal grip on the lens surface, assuring optimal vision in rain or wherever there's condensation.

Front & back surface UV Protection

Provides 100%, all-round UV protection across all lens materials.

Hi-Vision SUN can be combined with:


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Hi-Vision SUN coating offers you, the Eye Care Professional:

An opportunity to provide patients with tinted or polarized prescription sunglasses with:

  • Aesthetically pleasing lenses, having no unwanted front-side colour reflections
  • 100%, all-round UV protection
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning properties
  • No annoying back surface reflections
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