Delivers outstanding comfort

Wouldn’t it be great to have just one pair of glasses for all light conditions?

Imagine being able to move from an indoor area into bright sunlight, and even into your car without having to change your glasses – all the while experiencing full UV protection, and outstanding contrast and comfort. Hoya’s range of Sensity lenses help you do just that!

Sensity lenses change colour according to the light. Outdoors they darken to become sunglasses. Indoors they lighten again and become exceptionally clear. During these changes the UV protection remains constantly active. Whatever your day looks like, your glasses will adapt.

Natural tint colours

You get to choose from three, deep, natural tints that were developed by colour specialists to harmonise with sunglass lens trends, guaranteeing you a contemporary look – Grey, Brown and Green.

Grey tinted lenses


Brown tinted lenses


Green tinted lenses


Your benefits

An attractive sun lens tint when outdoors

Exceptional indoor clarity

100% protection against UV rays

Glare reduction