Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between a Certified and Compliant safety appliance?
A Certified safety appliance has been tested by a 3rd party to the relevant eyewear standards and is given a “pass or fail” result. A Compliant appliance has been tested by the manufacturer to the relevant eyewear standards.


2. What engravings appear on a Certified safety appliance?
In accordance with 1337.6.2012, the lenses should be engraved with markings that indicate who the manufacturer is, the impact rating of the appliance, if it is a prescription device and if it is for indoor or outdoor use. The frame should be engraved with the license number of the manufacturer, the standard the appliance meets and the Certifying body’s name and logo. HOYA uses SAI Global.

3. Does Phoenix meet the Standards?
Phoenix lens material has been independently tested and meets all the testing requirements of 1337.6.2012. On top of this, Phoenix has greater scratch resistance, is lighter and has greater chemical resistance when compared to other safety lens materials.


4. Can I send a customer’s own safety frame for fitting?
HOYA will only use its Certified frame range for Certified jobs. We do not fit customer’s own frames and Certify them to the standards. This would put us in breach of
the standards and also our license with SAI Global.

5. Can I use a frame from the HOYA safety kit?
The frames in the HOYA safety kit are samples to be used for reference purposes when discussing safety eyewear with customers and as such we do not fit lenses to our sample frames.

6. Can I re-use a safety frame?
Once a finished appliance leaves HOYA we cannot re-use the frame as we are unable to guarantee the integrity of the product. Even though the frame may look in good condition we are unable to guarantee this.

7. Can I replace a lens or frame if it has been damaged?
Safety eyewear products are designed to protect the eye and its surroundings. Any impact to the product means it has served its purpose and needs to be replaced and as such HOYA will not replace a frame or lens if it has been damaged. Any damaged appliance that continues to be worn will have no warranty from HOYA.

8. What is the lens power range available?
All HOYA safety appliances are available in a maximum power range of +6.00 to -6.00/-6.00 cylinder. This power range is applicable across all of HOYA’s lens designs. Contact your local Hoya Safety Representative for more information.

9. What lens designs are available?
HOYA Safety eyewear is available with Single Vision, Bifocals or FreeForm Progressives. Tinting, Sensity and Polarised are further options with Super Hard coat standard on all lenses. VP Multicoat is also available.


10. What does the safety fitting charge cover?
This charge covers the cost of the hard safety case, the safety certificate that accompanies all HOYA safety jobs, product insurance and additional costs to manufacture safety products.


11. Can I fit lenses to any safety frame and claim Compliance to the standards?
The 1337.6.2012 standards contain all the testing requirements needed to comply with the standard. If you can validate that your product meets the standards, usually via a test report, you can make claim to complying with it. If you cannot, you will not be able to make such a claim and in fact could be breaching the Trade Practices Act.

12. How long do safety glasses last?
If a HOYA safety product isn’t damaged and is well maintained it could last for sometime however it would be advised to have the product checked regularly for any signs of damage and wear and tear. Any damage sustained by a HOYA safety product means it has completed the task it is meant to do – protect your patient’s eyes and surrounding area. Any impact to the product means it is unable to meet further impacts and as such needs to be replaced immediately.

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