Phoenix 1.53 lenses

About HOYA Phoenix 1.53 Lenses

It is completely resistant to common chemicals, making it the perfect material for safety in the workplace. Phoenix is also extremely light-weight and is available with HOYA’s Super Hard Coat, VP Multicoat, Diamond Finish UV Control Anti-Bacterial or the highly popular 4-in-1 Full Control coating.

Chemical Resistant
Phoenix (polyurethane) Safety Lenses are completely resistant to common chemicals.

Increased protection from impact due to Phoenix lenses being 10 times stronger than standard lenses

Increased comfort due to the ultra-lightweight Phoenix lenses

Improved optics, when compared to other safety lens materials, improving vision by 20%

Products certified and endorsed by SAI Global

Positive seal with added dust protection frame range available

Wide range of plastic and metal frames from leading manufacturers

All frames tested to 1337.6.2012 AS/NZS Standards

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