Hi-Vision SUN Pro

Improving sun lenses with the new Hi-Vision SUN Pro coating.

Hi-Vision SUN Pro is a new premium quality coating that’s designed to improve visual performance, durability and aesthetics. The all-around protection is a great choice for customers who plan to have an active summer outdoors.

Stay protected this summer.

Make your patient’s summer with the most aesthetically pleasing coating that offers high durability and enhanced UV protection.


  • Achromatic front surface coating – improving the aesthetics of tinted or polarised lenses.
  • Double sided UV protection - UV is blocked from the front and the reflected UV is neutralised from the back surface.


For the Eye Care Professional

  • High-tech Sun coating option offering the highest level of UV protection
  • Opportunity to offer sun lens wearers a premium coating

For the spectacle wearer

  • Achromatic front surface coating, so there’s no unwanted bloom and better contrast making it aesthetically pleasing for the wearer
  • All round UV protection – UV is blocked from the front and the reflected UV is neutralised from the back surface
  • High scratch resistance for better durability similar to Diamond Finish
  • Better contrast than standard tinted lenses due to lens reflex reduction
  • Water, grease and dirt repellent for easy cleaning

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