The most durable anti-reflective coating from HOYA.

Diamond Finish

Reducing patients’ daily annoyances.

The way to lasting satisfaction.

Based on a smart composition of various layers, Diamond Finish is an exceptionally durable​ anti-reflection coating which confirms HOYA’s leading position ​in this segment.​  

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Meeting your patients’ needs

This coating is the perfect solution for anyone who is interested in purchasing HOYA lenses and keeping them in a good condition for years to come.

Based on a special composition of various layers, Diamond Finish coating keeps lenses safe and glasses wearers happy, even after years of usage.


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A perfect match for a higher profit

Recent independent lab test(3) confirm that Diamond Finish coating excels in all the categories consumers care most about:


  • Provides up to 30% more scratch resistance than various key competitor products.(4)

  • The most consistent in maintaining its anti-reflective lens coating properties.(4)

  • Up to 75% easier to clean than various key competitor products.(5)


Diamond Finish technologies

Advanced technologies to create harmonious vision


This lens coating reduces reflections for exceptional clarity of vision and an elegant look. It offers relaxed vision and improved visual comfort1.

Extreme scratch resistant

The surface lens protection extends the lifetime of the lenses3.

Dirt repellent

Due to its easy to clean properties, grease or dirt are easily wiped off the lens. Even after long term use and repeated cleaning.


Preventing dust from adhering to the lens surface, providing clear vision in all circumstances. 

Water repellent

Ensures water droplets have minimal grip on the lens surface. Allowing optimal vision in rain or condensation.

Diamond Finish can be combined with:


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UV Control

Protecting eyes against the dangers of UV rays

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Diamond Finish coating offers you, the Eye Care Professional:

Research shows that 84% of glasses wearers care about coatings to prevent daily annoyances(1) and that 68% of ECPs recommend coatings. (2) That means that as an eye care professional, you want to recommend outstanding coatings to provide the care your patients are looking for. An independent coatings lab test showed that HOYA Diamond Finish coating scored better than various key competitors when it comes to scratch-resistance, cleanliness and anti-reflection. (3) When you recommend Diamond Finish, you recommend patient satisfaction.

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“HOYA Diamond Finish coating for me is the No. 1 on the market, and it's definitely worth recommending. It is the first choice that we have been successfully offering to our clients for years. I also wear glasses with HOYA Diamond Finish coating.”


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