Reflect your style

HOYA Mirror Lenses


For fashion lovers

Instantly transforms anyone's appearance!

In line with the latest fashion trends, HOYA offers a mirror and light mirror coating in eye-catching colours. HOYA Mirror coating creates a radiant, edgy look for any sunglasses. 


Meeting your patients’ needs.

HOYA Mirror is for fashion lovers who like to spend their time outdoors and for those who like to reflect their style without compromising on eye protection from the sun. Offer HOYA Mirror to patients for natural and contrasted vision in the sun.


HOYA Mirror comes in 2 ranges:

HOYA Mirror Colours

HOYA Light Mirror Colours

HOYA Mirror technologies

HOYA advanced technologies designed for your patient’s needs.

  • Reduced glare and eye strain
  • A personalised look
  • Mirror coating can be applied to virtually any lens design

HOYA Mirror can be combined with:

HOYA Polarized Lenses

Offer your patients a variety of tinted lenses to enhance their vision for a range of activities.

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HOYA Tinted Lenses

HOYA SunStyle Tinted lenses can be applied to most HOYA lenses to create prescription sunglasses.

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Image of optician holding a trial frame

HOYA Mirror lenses offer you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • An exceptional product with a large variety of designs, coatings, and materials.
  • Patients will be happy knowing they’re protecting their eyes and looking fashionable .
  • Suitable for all ages, including children.


Image of optician holding a trial frame

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